Joe James and the Top Aces

Joe James Massaro – Vocals, Fender Rhodes Piano
Danny Horton – Guitar
David Horton – Drums
Ivan Elias – Bass
Steve Horn – Sax


Live from My Father’s Place (1972)
Songs by Joe James Massaro. All Rights Reserved
Arranged by Joe James and the Top Aces

“Another Family For Peace”

“I Got To Look Out Make Some Room For Me ‘Cause I’m Comin’ Through Blues”

My Father's Place

My Father’s Place was a music venue in Roslyn, NY. It first opened in 1971 and according to the New York Times, “created a scene that would influence music for decades to come”.

The owner Michael “Eppy” Epstein refused to book cover bands and the club became known as a place aspiring artists could perform.